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Far West & Outback Sport Competitions Programs


The components of this project worked in unison to make a difference to the communities of the Far West of NSW. Our organisations objects are to Connect, Strengthen and Empower disadvantaged and marginalised communities and individuals by providing access to participation opportunities for sport and active recreation. This, along with other appropriate measures, is intended to assist communities to move toward improving the overall physical and mental wellbeing of their communities and individuals.

The project centered on 6 main activities:

  • Barwon Darling & Outback Rugby League and Tag Competitions

  • Mixed League Tag Competitions

  • Whole of Community Wellbeing Events

  • Kickstart the Healthier You Program

  • Pilot Youth Leadership Program

  • Remote and Isolated Community Wellbeing Events

The combined impact of the delivery of activities such as these over the course of a longer period of time is what cements the outcomes from each individual activity into a much larger strengthening of the community as a whole.

Barwon Darling & Outback Rugby League and Tag Competitions

To ensure the continued delivery and growth of the Barwon Darling & Outback Rugby League & Tag Competitions allowing communities across the region to benefit from all the associated social outcomes that they bring.


Mixed League Tag Competitions

To deliver Mixed League Tag competitions in Far West and Outback communities. These competitions are for male and female participants and are played in a fun and relatively non-competitive way. They provide physical activity while bringing about greater community harmony and overall wellbeing through the gender mix and social environment. 

Whole of Community Wellbeing Events

To deliver Whole of Community Wellbeing Events that bring people together from across the community in a fun and entertaining environment and receive strong messaging on mental health and support services available.

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Kickstart the Healthier You Program

To deliver Kick Start the Healthier You program to Primary and Secondary Students from identified schools within various communities

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Pilot Youth Leadership Program

To deliver a pilot youth leadership/talented athlete program to identified youth across the Far West and Outback regions of NSW.


Remote & Isolated Community Wellbeing Events

To deliver remote and isolated community wellbeing events.

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Due to flooding we were unable to hold the Ivanhoe event however this interview conducted at an event afterwards shows the importance of events like this for remote and isolated communities.

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