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Future Drought Fund's Networks
to Build Drought Resilience


The Gulgong community event provided discussions to breaking down barriers around the issues challenging community members in times of drought, covid, mice plagues and hardship. Over 95 attendees enjoyed a great night out of entertainment at the RSL Club and also received valuable insights from Black Dog Institute representative Wayne Wigham on dealing with depression. The guests were treated to the following:


  • Listening to the powerful and lived experienced messages Wayne Wigham from the Black Dog Institute delivered. 

  • Former NRL St George Illawarra great Nathan Blacklock sharing his stories with times of hardship and becoming a leader of his community through following his dreams.

  • Free dinner for all attendees

  • The messaging in regards training your brain assisted the participants to build resilience.

  • Local community organisations were also in attendance who deal with Mental health. They were invited so people could talk to people on the ground if they or know anyone who maybe struggling. These included NLAG, Mission Australia, Barnardos and school counsellors.


The feedback indicated there was a need for such a feel good evening and the messaging from Black Dog Institute and the coping strategies that were provided has helped build resilience and improved the community’s mental health. Community members in attendance seeking out support as they realized that they were affected by their current circumstances and that they needed help was a major outcome


In the school sessions similar techniques were used to engage with students from Gulgong High, Gulgong Public and All Hallows which provided messaging about training your brain to assist the participants to build resilience. Students really increased their knowledge from the Mental Fitness interactive presentations. These sessions gave the students the skills to be able to address issues and provide them with diversionary capabilities that supports them through bad situations. After every session, teachers thanked the team and said how vital it was for their students to hear these messages.


The Creative Community Concepts team in partnership with the Black Dog Institute would like to pay special tributes to local men Steve Haney and Brad Toole. These 2 heavily promoted the events and rallied community members to come along and learn what it means to be a mentally healthy community that looks out for one and other.

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Steve Haney

Steve is a well known community member of Gulgong who is involved in many local sports and was a great supporter and promoter of this event.

Brad Toole

Brad is the Principal of All Hallows School and is very community minded. Brad also was a big supporter and promoter of the event.

Sue Purdon

Sue is employed with Mission Australia and is heavily involved in the Social Sector. Sue attended the evening as a guest to enjoy the entertainment of the evening not as an employee of Mission Australia.

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