Aboriginal Go 4 Fun (Go4Fun)


10 week healthy lifestyle program  for Aboriginal children and their families. Go4Fun is a fun and interactive program that helps children aged 7-13 years who are above a healthy weight and their families adopt a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.


The program consists of 10 sessions, once a  week for 2 hours. A parent or carer is required  to attend each session. 

Highlights include:

  • Weekly games and activities for children

  • Fun, interactive discussions to teach you easy ways to improve your child’s diet, physical activity and self-esteem.

  • Practical demonstrations, games and tips about healthy foods, label reading and portion sizes.

  • The chance to try delicious and healthy new foods! 

Children and their families become fitter,  healthier and happier as they have fun, meet new friends and learn new skills.

Footy For Fun (FFF)

FFF is designed for children in their early years aged to 7 years. It's main focus is to introduce children and their parents to the art of playing together. This is done through ball games and activities that develop the physical literacy of the child while building on the family unit capacity to bond through play.

Act Belong Commit (ABC)


Being active, having a sense of belonging, and having a purpose in life all contribute to good mental health.

This mental wellbeing and community capacity building program is utilised in a club and community atmosphere, to connect community members with local clubs and community groups. These connections address issues of isolation and lack of belonging by community members. As part of the general implementation of ABC programs, Mental Health sessions for groups of community members are delivered along with the linkage to local service providers for continued support of those who have identified a need for such a service. Volunteerism and participation are key outcomes which allow people to find their place in the community, at whatever level of involvement they choose and give them a real feel of having a sense of belonging. It also has the ability to create a meaning and purpose in one's life through committing to a club.


Under Development

Kick Start the Healthier You (Schools Program)


This program focuses on the various stages of youth development and their mental fitness in addressing the issues that will confront them through their school years. The program has a Primary School years 5,6 component and high schools year 7,8 and 9,10 components. The program delivers a classroom session which develops an understanding and knowledge of mental fitness, followed by a practical session which provides students with activities that allow them to use them when they are feeling in a bad place and need diversion from their current situation.

Community Events


Community Events are a major component of Creative Community Concepts delivery strategies. These events provide the platform in which to deliver many of our programs and also provide communities with that point of difference when it comes to their everyday lives. Our community events incorporate many varied activities and include some of the following depending on the focus of each event.

* Fast 4 Tag

* Fast 4 Roll-A-Ball

* Fast 4 Basketball

* Laser Tag

* Colour Runs

* Waterslides

* Family Olympics

* And many more

Community Club Development (Targeted Locations)


The Community Club, be it sporting club or social club, is a very important component of any community as it provides a focal point for the community to engage with other community members in a social atmosphere. Creative Community Concepts works closely with these organisations to help support their growth and development and link the broader community to them. The Act Belong Commit program is one of our priority programs delivered in conjunction with clubs and has proven successful in a number of towns.

Anti-Domestic Violence programs also feature with these community clubs and CCC works supporting the relationship between the club and the program.



Partnerships are a very important component of Creative Community Concepts activities and allows for a bigger picture to any strategy through the delivery of joint programs. Currently CCC has strong partnerships with the following organisations/departments.

* Western Rams - Western Rugby League

* NSW Office Of Sport

* NSW Department of Communities and Justice (Western Region)

* NSW Health (West and Far West)

* Black Dog Institute

* Act Belong Commit WA

* Western region NRL

* And many others


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