Wattle Hill - Leeton

This event was the first for our new contract in Wattle Hill. Despite the rain we still went ahead and the CCC crew were so happy to see brave residents come down to join in with the awesome activities we had available. Activities for the day consisted of Fast 4 Roll-A-Ball, Fast 4 Tag, Relays, Hoola Hoops and a big thankyou to Leeton Shire Council who funded us to also include our Laser Tag equipment. The participants of all ages had a ball and were actively involved in all aspects of the day. We also had members from Leeton Shire Council, Rapid Relief Team and RAMHP come along. We were also so excited to learn that a family had driven from Griffith just so they could attend our event.

It's always such a great experience in Wattle Hill. It is a great community and we are so excited to be back there doing what we love.

Thanks for having us and we will see you all again very soon!

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