ABORIGINAL GO 4 FUN -  PEAK HILL 21.04.21- 23.06.21

Peak Hill enjoyed our Aboriginal Go4Fun program. 12 Children and parents/caregivers attended the 10 week Healthy Lifestyle program throughout  Term 2. It was fantastic to have so many children from such a small community in Peak Hill participate. The Creative Community Concepts Staff really looked forward to travelling to Peak Hill every week to deliver some fun activities and interesting information for the families involved with the program to take home with them. Children were very well mannered and behaved towards staff and other participants involved with program. Some younger children participated which was great and the older children got in and helped the younger ones if needed, Parents got involved and joined in with the Activities as well which was great to see.

We had some success with the program with the children and parents/caregivers adapting to the healthy lifestyle program, some children even changed their eating habits since joining the Aboriginal Go4Fun in Peak Hill. Its was an enjoyable time with the children and parents/caregivers in Peak Hill.

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