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Regional Development

Under Development

The Murdi Paaki Region consists of the communities of the North West and Far West of NSW which are among the most isolated and disadvantaged communities in the State.

In 2014 the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly (MPRA), the peak organisation representing the CWPs of this area approved the formation of the Murdi Paaki Regional Rugby League Council (MPRRLC).  This Council is made up of members from the CRL, NRL, Outback RL, Barwon Darling RL and other identified Community Members including the MPRA and would represent the interests of these communities to State and Federal governments in matters of community development through Sport and Ancillary Programs.

Over time since its formation the MPRRLC has developed into an organisation that services community development beyond the confines of the Far West regions and provides services to identified communities in partnership with government and other agencies. This growth resulted in the need to form a commercial arm of the organisation and Creative Community Concepts was developed in early 2017 to ensure the ongoing capacity of the MPRRLC to provide the essential inputs into the communities they represent and be a genuine partner for governments to bring about change.


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