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Targeted Earlier Intervention Contract Id 1- 1484103992 Parenting Through Sport


This reporting period has exceeded our expectations. The significant increase in participation was fantastic. The continual assessment of our delivery and approach within each community ensures we are meeting the needs of each individual community. Parental engagement has been consistent throughout with a great return participation rate throughout the 3-week program. The friendships that have been developed between parents in the 3-week program has made a significant impact for them and the feedback received supports this. There has been an increase in confidence within children in their interaction with others, within their skills (motor skills) and their knowledge (number, colour, and letter recognition). Overall, it has been a fantastic year of the Parenting Through Sport Program.

Some great highlights for the year are:

* Indigenous Social Participation

 Brewarrina community event was extra special for this community. The NRL digital team attended along with Darryl Brohman (“The Big Marn”). Brewarrina Googars Rugby League Juniors were interviewed and filmed which made them feel seen and important. The whole community enjoyed lots of activities and stories/jokes from “The Big Marn”. This event had a positive impact on the children/youth creating a memorable experience for all.

* Education and Skills Training

 The 3-week Parenting through Sport Program was fantastic across all the 8 communities. A Coonabarabran mother brought her Autistic son to the 3-week program in the hope she could encourage him to interact with other children and get him active. To her surprise he navigated towards a male staff member who he felt comfortable with and started to participate in the activities with his help. The mother was so happy to see her son playing with other children and participating in physical activity.

* Community Sector Coordination

 During the previous reporting period when communities were still experiencing lockdowns and we offered our 3-week program online, DCJ’s New England region reached out to us to gain information on how we developed an online model as their communities were experiencing lockdowns into this reporting period. It is satisfying as an organisation to have other organisations approach us and see us as leaders within the community sector


Indigenous Social Participation

These events were held to increase the participation of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal families in community events. In addition to this, Local Service Providers were invited to attend in the aim to give Parents/Carers and their family members the opportunity to interact with other organisations and community members while enjoying activities with their family members.

Education & Skills Training - 3 wk Parenting through Sport

Each session included age-appropriate activities that develop the child’s motor skills while improving outcomes in literacy, numeracy, and colour identification. General improvement in health and wellbeing.

Community Sector Coordination

These sessions provided participants with information regarding each client’s services to increase participants knowledge and awareness of the services available to them. This also encourages increased sense of belonging to their community.

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