Targeted Earlier Intervention Contract Id 1- 1484103992 Parenting Through Sport


Despite the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were fortunate enough to be able to structure our events to cater for communities whilst still adhering to lockdowns. We found communities were still eager to keep active and our online structure of the 3-week Parenting through Sport Program gave families an opportunity to participate in an online community group which helped them feel connected and gave them a sense of belonging. The online packs we provided the families gave us an opportunity to personalise educational activities which were well received and utilised throughout the 3 sessions. The children took great pride in completing these and sent videos of their achievements. Parental engagement was excellent during the online program. Once we could attend field activities again it was fantastic to see communities start to come together and enjoy Family Fun Sport and Activity Events.


Across all the programs included in our TEI Service Details we have increased the cross section of service providers engaged, developed, and improved resources, and continually assessed and evaluated the programs to ensure we are meeting the needs of the communities. In doing this we have been able to provide a broader range of information and knowledge of services available, provided activities that the whole community can enjoy regardless of age and location, and have offered events that the whole of community can come together to enjoy a fun filled day despite any restrictions and apprehensions around Covid-19.


During this time, parental engagement has been consistent, increased confidence within children in their interaction with others, within their skills (motor skills) and their knowledge (number, colour, and letter recognition).


Indigenous Social Participation

These events were held to increase the participation of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal families in community events. In addition to this, Local Service Providers were invited to attend in the aim to give Parents/Carers and their family members the opportunity to interact with other organisations and community members while enjoying activities with their family members.

Education & Skills Training - 3 wk Parenting through Sport

Each session included age-appropriate activities that develop the child’s motor skills while improving outcomes in literacy, numeracy, and colour identification. General improvement in health and wellbeing.

Community Sector Coordination

These sessions provided participants with information regarding each client’s services to increase participants knowledge and awareness of the services available to them. This also encourages increased sense of belonging to their community.

Online Parenting through Sport Program

During Covid-19 lockdowns we moved our face to face 3 week Parenting through Sport Program online so that families could still be active together and feel connected.