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Office of Sport - Active Fest Contract


The Active Fest is a program that hosts events throughout communities in the Central West, and Far West of NSW. The events consist of a variety of activities, including but not limited to Laser Tag, League Tag, Hockey, Soccer, Mini Golf, Athletics Skills, Footy for Fun circuits, and many other novelty activities. Alongside of this, mental health wellbeing messaging is delivered utilising Black Dog Institute resources delivered by trained CCC staff.   

During this round there were 9 events in total, across Western NSW. 

The concept originally developed after meeting with Kit Bag for Kids, who wished to donate sports gear and equipment to kids in need, from rural and remote areas. In recent years CCC have delivered the Act Belong Commit (ABC) mental wellbeing programs and in 2021 delivered a Mental Health Sports Fund program to local Rugby League teams and other members of the community. To develop this further the Active Fest was created after consultation with the Office of Sport to deliver a large community event promoting physical activity in the afternoons before the evening Mental Health Sports Fund training sessions with the clubs. All events were extremely well received from the participants and the community. The success from this gave CCC the opportunity to deliver the Active Fest events again in Far West communities in 2022. The concept has proven the need for these types of events in rural and remote areas and CCC are grateful to receive the opportunity to deliver the recent 9 events across the Western Region. Our organisation understands physical activity goes hand in hand with mental health/wellbeing and over extended lockdown periods, individuals’ mental health may have suffered. To deliver Active Fests to the selected areas is an opportunity we take with pride to be able to assist lifting community spirits through our events. 


Active Fest Event

All Active Fest Events provided a variety of activities/sports along with entertainment, free coffee's and refreshments.  Here is a snapshot of all the fun had by the participants.

Sector Coordination

During each Active Fest State Sporting Organisations, local sporting groups, local service providers, and national organisations are invited to attend. This provides an opportunity for each group to interact and introduce their sport/service. A big thankyou to Kit Bag for Kids and MALO Republic for donating sports gear for participants.

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