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Act Belong Commit

Being active, having a sense of belonging and a purpose in life all contribute to good mental health. The Act Belong Commit mental wellbeing and community capacity building program is utilised in a club and community environment. Its purpose is to connect community members with other community members through local clubs and community groups. These connections address issues of isolation and lack of belonging encountered by some community members.


Volunteerism and participation are key outcomes which allow people to find their place in the community at whatever level of involvement they so choose. They also give them a real feel of having a sense of belonging and purpose in one's life through committing to a club.


As part of the general implementation of ABC programs, Mental Health sessions for groups of community members are delivered using the club environment. These sessions are also delivered with the support of local service providers which affords the opportunity for participants, who may have identified a need for such a service, to receive continued support beyond the initial program.

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